Two Goose 1.0 Golf Towels

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Looking for a towel that will out-perform any other towel on the market?  Introducing the Goose Towel - advanced towel technology for golf and more!  This towel is engineered to give you everything you need in a towel.  Designed to be the perfect size, hangs neatly from your golf bag and will help you keep your clubs clean and functional!


  • Double ply to keep on side dry while the other side gets wet
  • Soft but abrasive cotton - perfect for cleaning your grooves
  • Waterproof membrane, one side for cleaning, one side for drying
  • Carabiner allows towel to hang from any golf bag
  • Velcro friendly goose, simply velcro your glove onto the towel
  • Clip off putting mate with waterproof membrane, clean your golf balls on the go
  • Black on one side and camo on the other
  • Built for more than just golf, perfect for...
    • Hunting and fishing
    • Around the house
    • Hockey/Tennis/Baseball and more! 

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